7 best spy camera apps for iPhone 2017

Upon motion detection it will automatically click photos through the nanny cam and record videos. This camera is a unique wireless spy camera for iPhone. Its look is mistaken for a USB charging adapter, as the tiny built-in lens is hard to figure out. You can use it to keep track of nanny, baby, coworkers, or use it for home and office security.

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It allows you to view the online footage from anywhere through your smartphone. Video footage can also be recorded for future viewing using a micro SD card up to 32 GB space. You just need to download HHMiniCam app on your mobile to remotely access the spy cam videos.

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It detects motion and begins recording. The alarm goes off as well as email notifications and instant messages are automatically sent to your smartphone. This HD mini wireless spy camera for iPhone is capable of IR night vision, real-time recording with a degree angle lens.

Apparently the smallest DVR video camera. The device has 10 pieces black LED surrounding the lens. It supports up to GB of video recording. The LED lights stay shut at night and its night visual range can reach up to 16 feet. It works through your Wi-Fi network. You need to charge the device for around 2 hours prior to using it. When you are looking for wireless spy cameras, this super mini camera has 8 different DIY style lens buttons. You can use as a home security tool, monitoring camera for pet, nanny, baby, or workplace. Its mAh battery ensures 6 hours of video recording when charged fully.

It supports 64 GB video recording and overwrites old videos. You can watch the live videos remotely from your tablet or computer. The motion detection feature starts records and alerts you with a message in real-time.

Secret iPhone Camera Recording Mode IOS 11.4 / 11 - 12 No Jailbreak (Hidden Feature)

With P high definition wireless spy camera, it becomes easier to record crisp video footages and ensure more security for your kids, home, and workplace. Having the motion detection feature turned on, you can get crisp clear video recording even with a slightest movement.

The alarm goes off upon detecting motion and lets you set the tone as well. It has mAh battery and supports TF cards, local and remote connection. You can use it through your iPhone remotely. It can be charged through various modes. Now that you have been through these iPhone and Android wireless spy cameras, have you thought of monitoring your spouse or child, older parents when they are away from home? You can opt for FoneMonitor , one of the leading software used to track your loved ones moves for ensuring their safety. It is available in Android and iOS versions.

Convert your iPhone or Android phone into a spy camera

Using this application, you can monitor their text messages, photos, videos, contacts, location, calls, apps and plenty other data types on the target device. Among all the Android wireless spy cameras, it is one of the smallest IP spy cameras. This is especially helpful for all your overhead knolling images , where items are placed at degree angles from each other for a clean, symmetrical-looking vibe.

It also works well for down-top sky or ceiling views, where you're laying on your back and taking photos upward. Hopefully, your skyward pics look better than my examples below.

Maybe one day Apple will also include this crosshairs-based level for straight on wall views or even portrait photos, where the iPhone would be perpendicular at a perfect degree angle to the ground and parallel to vertical walls. Get The Newsletter.

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If you are an intelligence investigator, then spying around without being noticed is one of your primary roles. Indeed, there are countless reasons for spying, but the results will largely depend on the camera you are using. If you are using an iPhone, then you need to install specialized camera apps to achieve this objective. Well, there is a countless number of spy camera apps for iPhone, and this can be a challenge to many users.


If this has been one of your concerns, then worry no more as we enlist seven best spy camera apps for iPhone is Have a look! If you are planning to spy during the evening, then you probably need a spy camera app with the ability to capture images and record video under low light intensity. Indeed, Night Version Camera app for iPhone is a perfect choice.

Secret Spy Camera Pro is one of the best spy camera apps for iPhone users currently available in the market. It works on the basis that it records video without people knowing that you are doing so.

source site The premium version offers the best experience. It captures images without shutter sound. It features passcode lock capabilities and recovery mode options, so you can recover photos if deleted accidentally.